Well That’s Awkward.

I watch this show all the time and I love it!

— Amanda Garcia

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The show “Awkward” had it’s first episode on July 19, 2011 and it just recently finished the fourth season on November 25, 2014. It is about a young girl named Jenna Hamilton. Jenna writes blogs about her life from sophomore year until her recent senior year. She gets bullied and humiliated by a cheerleader named Sadie Saxton and jocks throughout the school. She secretly dates the hottest guy in the school, Matty McKibben, a soccer player who all the girls want to date. This show is a very entertaining and relateable to almost every high school students.

Jenna Hamilton is played by the young actress named Ashley Rickards. Best friend to Jenna, Tamara, is a fierce redhead played by Jillian Rose Reed.  The famous hottie Matty McKibben is Beau Mirchoff. Rich , bully and cheerleader describes Sadie Saxton or Molly Tarlov perfectly. Jenna’s guidance counselor Ms. Valerie Marks is played by the funny and corky Desi Lydic. These five main characters  are in every episode and are the main people in Jenna’s life who affect her everyday.

The occasional characters Jake Rosati, Brett Daven, and Lissa, Greer Grammer, are in most episodes and are the best friends to Matty McKibben and Saddie Saxton. These two are minor characters in most episodes but sometimes they have more major parts depending on the episode.

Jenna Hamilton and her ex-boyfriend Matty McKibben are together on New Years and promise to be each others bad wingman. The goal is to not let the other person talk to anyone, flirt or even hook up on New Years. Matty disappears and can’t be found by Jenna and she hears he is kissing some other girl. In anger  Jenna goes and finds someone to have her New Years kiss. Only thing is the girl Matty was with was his mother. The next day Matty asks if she kissed anyone and she lied and said no while Matty explained how he kissed his mother’s cheek for his New Years kiss. This leaves Jenna lying and worried about who she kissed on New Years.

In this show is about a high school student who is going through a lot of typical teenage girl problems. The problems happen to all the characters in the show but all revolve around the five main characters. This shows is a modern and realistic high school experience for an average student.

I recommend this show to teenagers, it is a very funny show but with jokes very young children wouldn’t understand. It will give teenagers an idea of their high school years and problems that can happen to them or anyone in the school. It is very easy to relate to the typical teens life and will have something in common with anyone who watches it.