Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Taufui


Adriana Taufui is the Anatomy, Physiology, and Bio Med teacher here at Cesar Chavez High School she has been teaching for 21 years with this year being her 3rd year at Cesar Chavez. 

Mrs. Taufui attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and later on, transferred to her second school Cal State Hayward now named Cal State East Bay. The school she represents is the first school she went to, UNLV. 

The hobbies Mrs. Taufui loved while in high school were soccer and volleyball She enjoyed both things until the age of 14 or 15. She stepped away from those sports when school for her was getting a little bit difficult. After that, most of her hobbies were in the summertime including camping, fishing, and just being outdoors. 

The best advice she has ever received was “Do a job you love and work hard.” She has always liked teaching and she was glad that she has taken that path in her life. 

The one thing you would never guess about Mrs. Taufui is she is the first generation in this country her family was from the Atlantic island of Cape Verde when she met her husband he is a Pacific Islander and Tonyan they always said to each other if they ever had kids they would be so island that they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves when they did have a child she got a tattoo saying, “All Island” for her son.  

This is going to be Mrs. Taufui’s final year at Chavez make sure if you see her, give her a great big hug for the love, respect, and kindness she gives us on a daily basis she is an amazing teacher. 

Love you Mrs. Taufui