Teachers deserve better!


We all look at teachers to be just educators for our learning paths as students to get all the knowledge we possibly could from them. We believe they expect us to one day go to a great college so we can become great people in our lives. However, these teachers are also our biggest supporters even though some of us may not see them like that.

These teachers are who we basically spend each and every day with creating bonds and growing healthy relationships and trust between one another. Teachers don’t earn the respect they deserve. They grind their butts off just to get paid a low salary. This is because education is underfunded heavily in the United States. A lot of teachers haven’t got paid a huge amount in a long time.

Most of the teachers earn 20% percent less than professional teachers with similar experiences and education. A lot of teachers are upset by this. American educators who quit their jobs are highly likely to feel angry and blame their low-income pay Because of the pandemic and feel underappreciated for what they are doing to try to make us students have a bright future. Studies show students do better when teachers are paid more than their low income Because 10% of teachers would actually want to educate young minds, gaining them huge benefits in the future.

Teachers have stressful jobs, and some don’t complain about how they work and teach us important things we need in life so that we have the knowledge of certain things that would come in our way. They try their best every day to be the teacher that can help them in a long way in student lives. Teachers deserve better than what districts are giving them. Because a lot of them don’t do this for their health they come to help us learn and grow. A lot of things need to change for this problem to be solved.