Mr. Cox quitting yearbook to become a volunteer in Tennessee (h)


Mr. Cox, 39, a teacher who has taught at Chavez for the last five years, is quitting teaching yearbook, he states, “I want to volunteer full time now and really help the community for free”

As many of you across campus may have noticed Mr. Cox has been missing all year. He decided he wanted to be more active because he was tired of staring at the computer screen all day every day. Mr. Cox stated, “Teaching yearbook is like herding cats.”

Jay Cox, no longer an avid cat lover, is tired of staring at the screen all-day editing the yearbook. He said, “the third period is like forever. It never ends with that computer screen and my real passion is helping the community, for free. 

He also has a dream to make Tennessee the cleanest state in the country. Mr. Cox always thought of himself as a clean freak ever since he was a kid. Just recently he was able to sit down with his students to say goodbye and good luck to all of them. He told them that he hoped their new yearbook teacher does better than he did, and he hoped they all would get a chance to visit Tennessee and see how much progress he has made in cleaning the state all on his own free time.