Recommendations to help you take studying to another level


Studying or doing my homework with music is one of the things that I do daily. With music, I just feel less bored and it makes me want to keep writing or just sing along to the song. Below are some of the playlist that I listen to while studying and most of these songs are R&B, calming, and some of the playlists also has the “raining editions” because for some reason I am obsessed with rain sounds and the feeling of it. These are the playlist that includes a lot of my favorite American singers and of course these songs are also R&B and calming songs.


And these are some of the Korean playlists that I used as my study playlist. Some people might say “how do you listen to them if you can’t understand them?” Well, I listen to the music and it’s good so just because I don’t understand the lyrics does not mean I can’t enjoy the songs. They are all art and beautiful to me. 


And of course, there are many pianos, lo-fi beat, or instrumental playlists that I listen to while studying. With just the music I can focus more since there are no lyrics for me to sing along to. So here are some piano playlists that I listened to during my study session:



Another thing I do while studying is I like to watch study videos, where people take good notes and have nice background and music. This also includes a fake zoom call video where it feels like I’m studying with other people. And when I do that I either use a website or just a YouTube video.

LifeAt Virtual Spaces –  This is a website where you can put a timer for how long you want to study for and then take a break and the website also have many โ€œStudy with Meโ€ videos and those include taking notes, cafรฉ study, zoom call with celebrities, and many other great study videos. And Iโ€™m pretty sure in those videos they played music in the background or you can also connect Spotify to the website and play music through your Spotify.

And that will be all for my “Study Playlist and Study with me Videos”. These are the music and video that I like and of course, it does not suit everybody but just know that at least some of these playlists are very helpful, especially the “LifeAt Virtual Spaces” website. And I would really appreciate it if you can share with me any videos, playlists, or websites that are similar to the list above.