Bus Stop Relocating?

Bus Stop Relocating?

Patrick Joseph and Francisco Mosqueda

Do you take the bus? How would you feel if the bus stop was relocating to a further spot? What if I told you that the school was deciding on moving the bus stop? Well, they are planning on moving the bus stop to down by Walmart which is about a 20 min to 30 min walk.

Teachers at Chavez think its a good idea for the bus to move locations. They believe the bus stop was a safety concern. Even though the students disagree and believe its unfair and not right some teachers have said that its a few students that are the problem and are the reason the bus might have to move locations. Mr. Jiminez has pointed out that, “While it is only a few students that are ruining it for everyone else, it is the only realistic choice for the safety concerns we have.”

Chavez students who wished to remain anonymous were stating that, “it is a longer walk in the heat and we all would get home at later times.” The Oracle also reached out to the new bus driver and asked him his opinion, which he responded with, “I see no real reason to move locations, it is just making it harder on me and especially the students.”

Chavez students, it is still not 100% that this move is going to happen, but if we continue to be unruly and cause unsafe situations near the bus stop, then the school will have no other choice, but to move the bus stop location.