Operation Dance Show


Dance class at CCHS prepares for another dance routine.

Your Cesar Chavez Performing Titans is having a dance show hosted by Sarah Eaton (CCHS dance teacher) on March 14 & 15. It will be held in the CCHS auditorium. The dance show is to entertain and inspire other Chavez students or younger students that attend the show. Also dancers will be showing what they are capable of doing through dance and choreography to songs that high school kids enjoy. There will be a special performance from the seniors in dance, celebrating their last performance as Titans.  

The dance team has been preparing the end of year show all year with preparations started from the beginning of this year. A few of the featured seniors that will be performing are: Yoselin Quintero, Erika Torres, Irlanda Aranda, Nathalie Osorio, and more. We hope to see you there and support the amazing performing Titans for their last dance. Stay after the show to take pictures with the dancers and to take flowers to show support (roses are preferred, we like red best.)