Tyler the Chosen One

Felix Esquivel, Writer

An educator who took an impact in my life was a previous teacher of mine was, Mr.Tyler. He taught Law and Order SLC classes and Social Science downstairs in the E building. He was a great teacher in my perspective, he would always come prepared to teach and was very organized. He was a very hardworking teacher, never missed a class assignment for the class to do when their was a substitute, even when he was absent.

If you knew Mr.Tyler, you would know that he had the most organized and decorated room in all of the E building classrooms. He had posters on the wall that were perfectly straight and centered. Each of his students desk were as well perfectly organized to fit the comfort of the room, Mr.Tyler has a website where you can access images of his classrooms and how they were organized for the different classes he had. He had a website called https://mrtylerslessons.com/, on the website you can access any information such as what he teaches, student resources, and autobiography.

Mr.Tyler was a very active teacher at Cesar Chavez High School. He received the teacher of the year, twice, one in 2014 and 2015 in the month of May. Became lead SLC teacher for the Law and Order pathway at Cesar Chavez High in January of 2014 and was given the position of co-department chair of the social studies department in August of 2014. He was a well known teacher around the school, always met his mark when coming to teach his students.

Mr.Tyler is an amazing teacher and I still think he is. I would highly recommend taking any class that he teaches, but the problem with that would be is that he no longer teaches at Cesar Chavez High; he has taken his talents to Long Beach.