” School starts too early”

Kids now a days are so worried about getting up for school on time and they forget about breakfast ( the most important meal of the day ). Their more awake in the morning at times because of rushing to school, but when getting to school kids are sleepy in class and it’s hard for them to do their work. And the it ruins the kids chance to learn and get the proper education that they need. It takes a toll on you from time to time because your mind is so set on getting ready and not being late, drinking coffee and energy drinks aren’t helpful at all, when the sugar starts to go down you get all tired and lazy all over again, including that your health is also at risk. All they have to do is a set back, start school at 9:15 am end school at 3:30 pm. I mean it’s particularly the same hours, giving that it likely to finish school work when your widely awake without any caffeine. So therefore homework isn’t an issue, and there you go! Problem solved, doing this will show you great results in kids grades and education.