Marissa Leilani Ressel

Marissa Leilani Ressel was killed April 16, 2014. Sixteen-years-old and a junior at Cesar Chavez High School, Marissa was on her way to school for wrestling practice when she was hit by a suspected drunk driver. Marissa was walking along the Holman Road along the orchard tree line when she was struck from behind by car traveling at a high speed. Marissa’s wrestling coach was on his way to the school when he saw her lying along the side of the road, able to find a pulse and shallow breaths, her coach called 911 and helped stabilized Marissa until helped arrived. Marissa was rushed to a nearby hospital but suffered a stroke caused by a brain hemorrhage. The driver of the car fled the scene thinking that he had hit a stray animal but has since turned himself in following seeing a news report about the accident. The driver admitted he had been drinking prior to the accident and is being held for suspected drunk driving.

Marissa was known for being a tutor, football stats and for being an AVID student. Marissa enjoyed swimming, wrestling, reading and volunteering. She had plans of attending college following her graduation from high school. Marissa wanted nothing more that to become a loving wife, mother and one day becoming a lawyer or teacher.

Marissa is survived by her parents Joseph and Mary Ressel, siblings Leighanna Sayer and Joseph Nickols, and grandparents Domingo Cardenas and Joseph Ressel Sr.

A memorial service for Marissa will be held in the Cesar Chavez High School gym on April 20,2014. Instead of flowers, Marissa’s parents have asked that people volunteer their time with local charities and organizations.