Kelsea Lane Matthews

Kelsea Lane Matthews was killed April 16, 2014. Sixteen-years-old and a junior at Cesar Chavez High School, Kelsea was on her way to school for a drama production rehearsal when she was hit by a suspected drunk driver. Kelsea was in the crosswalk at the intersection of Holman Road and Windflower Lane when she was hit by a car that ran the red light. Kelsea was texting drama teacher Dan Castanon at the time of the accident. When paramedics arrived at the scene, Kelsea’s phone was found in the gutter with her half written text “Be there soon…” and head phones still playing music. Kelsea was transported via helicopter to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead upon her arrival to the hospital. The car that struck Kelsea was carrying fellow castmate Cristen Spencer.

Kelsea was an active member of drama. Kelsea was well known for baking, listening to music and reading. Often referred to as “Twilight”, Kelsea was well known for her wearing a twilight shirt and defending “Team Edward”. Kelsea had plans of attending culinary school with hopes of opening her very own cupcake truck.

Kelsea is survived by her parents Eric and Kimberly Matthews and grandparents Patricia Butler and Donna Speigel.

A memorial service for Kelsea will be held in the auditorium at Cesar Chavez High School on April 24, 2014, at 10:00 a.m.

Kelsea’s sense of humor, kind heart and compassionate personality will be missed by all those lives she had touched.