Guadalupe Corona

Guadalupe Corona was killed April 16, 2014. Seventeen-years-old and a senior at Cesar Chavez High School, Guadalupe was on her way home from a yearbook release party planning night when she was crossing the street in front of the school and was hit by a suspected drunk driver. Guadalupe was transferred to a near by hospital and rushed into emergency surgery but was pronounced brain dead. Guadalupe’s parents decided to have her organs harvested to save lives of people in need. Knowing Guadalupe’s caring and compassionate heart, she would be happy knowing that even after her death, she was able to save lives.

Guadalupe was an active member of M.E.Ch.A., CAST (Clean And Sober Teens), CT, and was a team editor for The Myth Yearbook. Guadalupe loved photography and would often be seen photographing sporting events ranging from football, softball and basketball, and had plans of attending Delta College in the fall.

Guadalupe is survived by her parents Ruben and Imelda Corona, her brothers Alejandro, Ruben, Jose, sister Maria and brother Marin, nephews Alejandro, Anthony, Sebastian, Mauricio, Alan, and Ivan, Nieces Genesis and Diana and grandparents Salvador and Rosa Cazares and Dolores and Esther Corona.

A memorial service will be held at Cathedral of the Annunciation, April 22, 2014, at 11:00 a.m.

Guadalupe will be remembered for her cheerful smile, joyful and caring personality and friendly attitude.