“King Lewis Hayes”

CCHS Boys varsity

Lewis Hayes center on our schools Varsity Basketball team, takes a stand in the game of basketball. He is just an outstanding individual; he is well focused and dedicated to basketball. This player is an amazing player and perfect for his position. Lewis works so hard that he can feel his self-sweat even when not in motion; he is very nice and outgoing but can be very aggressive time to time.

He says that his favorite basketball team is the “Miami Heat”. His favorite NBA basketball players are Lebron James and his twin Demarcus Cousins. These two NBA stars are aggressive individuals who take over when the opponent attacks, quite similar to Lewis. Lewis is a dominant player who takes a leaders role.

His favorite coach is Coach K. from “Duke University”. Lewis explains that being on the team can sometimes bring pressure, you have to face a lot of responsibility’s; responding at the right time is also vital to this game. He chooses to stay focused, staying humble, and keeping his grades up. His famous quote that is also scripted in the “Holy Bible ”is “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

He loves being on the team here at Chavez he says that their all like a big happy family, and they all play hard together as a team. So look out for this aggressive guy who loves to dunk because he is guaranteed to be someone great in the league of basketball.