School Lunches Are Gross

Brenda Beltran, Reporter

Majority of students around the world, don’t get school lunches. The reason for that is because the food is too nasty, that it’s not well cooked or it doesn’t have flavor to it. The students either have to bring their own lunch or they wait until they get home and eat something instead. Other than that they will not eat the school lunch, even if they are really hungry.

I surveyed 50 students at Cesar Chavez High School. Whether the school lunch is nasty for them. They had a choice to vote yes, no, or its alright. 52% of the students chose yes. Only 6% of the other students chose no and the other 42% chose its alright.

These are what some students responded,

“Because it’s not healthy and it’s not fully cooked,” said Oriana Miller, junior, in the Health SLC.

Frankie Cortez, junior, in the Law SLC, said, “It doesn’t have flavor or spice.”

“They need to get more better food,” said Jerrica Kennedy, senior, in the CAPA SLC.

Those were from students who had voted for yes. People who voted no, wasn’t that much.

According to a student, this was her response,

“But I’m hungry,”  Keiona Da said, junior, in the Health SLC. “So, I’ll still eat it.” 

Cesar Chavez High School lunch pizza and beans.
Cesar Chavez High School lunch pizza and beans.

Students who voted for its alright was the second, most they voted for. Those are the students who don’t and like the school lunch at the same time.

Now, this is what this student responded,

“It depends,” Jesus Paredes, junior, in the Engineering SLC, said “on what you get.”

School lunches just need to be better for the students who actually want to eat it.

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