The Best Mcchicken’s are found at Mcdonalds

Rayniko Flores, reporter

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Im in love with their fries”

— kayla woodard

McDonald is a building that has a big M on it and also has a Chevron connect to it.

McDonald is in the front Walmart close to my school. McDonald was first opened in April 15, 1955, at 400 north Lee Avenue in Des Plains, Illinois.

A MC chicken has a soft texture until you get to the patty then it has a rough texture to it. A MC chicken coast a dollar twenty nine.When you get a MC chicken you can add cheese to it which is foutry extra cent.

A secondary food i would get is fries. Fries usually have a soft texture to it and sometimes a hard texture. A large fry two dollars and thirty nine cent.

The service is good. They make your food fast and make it good. The┬ádon’t ever burn your food or ever not cook your food enough.

I would recommend it to someone else because some McDonald have a playground for the children. It is a good fast food restaurant to take your family to.