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The best place to eat a burger, fries, hot dogs, shakes or even deep fried food is Flips Burgers

The burgers are amazing”


There burgers are so amazing. They serve there food with a smile, nice manners and a great attitude. They opened about two or three years ago. There building is a little gray building with a red roof and tinned windows that has the words “Flips Burgers”. Their located on Filbert st and Waterloo Rd in Stockton, CA. The adress is 2503 Waterloo Rd.

The burgers they have there smell, look,taste,sounds good and when you grab it your just like wow. There burgers consist of double stacked burger with bacon, cheese, diced lettuce, tomatoes and onions. It tastes heavenly. The best one is “The Cowboy Flip Basket”. It costs $6.95. The second one is “The Mad Cow Flips”. It costs $6.50.

The burgers look really great. I know others like it to that’s why i think everyone should try it some time. It’s heavenly. Whenever you get a chance to go try it.