Brownies are Best Made at Home

Eryn McWhorter, Reporter

Brownies made at home are usually made with love and lots of extra chocolate chips.

A brownie is a chocolate delight. It can be filled or mixed with a variety of things. For example, chocolate chips, cheesecake, or cookies can be added to the mix. The inside, or the best part, of a brownie is soft, chewy and warm. Even though the edges are hard and crunchy, it’s still good.

Brownies can be eaten alone or with other sides. As a drink, milk always goes great with them. You can also eat them with ice cream, fried oreos and chocolate if you have a sweet tooth.

Brownies are my favorite dessert.”

— Tisha Fuentes

If you like chocolaty goods, I would recommend  you make some brownies of your own. Personally, I love brownies. Plus it will satisfy your sweet tooth.

What do you like with your brownies?

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