Grease Day at Chavez

Andy Xiong and Matthew Mak

For this week, Cesar Chavez High School had a Spirit day. On Monday, The spirit day was Grease and that’s going to be the topic of the day. So the meaning of spirit day at Chavez is to dress up and show your spirit at school. It was nice and fun to see everyone who dressed up. The reason for spirit day also is to give SLC points. There are 5 SLC’s. The SLCs at Cesar Chavez are Engineering & Environmental Science(EES), Communication Technology (CT),Creativity and Performing Arts (CAPA), Law & Order, and Health Scientist. To get SLC points, you need to dress up to gain points to walk on stage first when you graduate. Everyone you see looked very happy and seemed liked they had fun dressing up. Many of the students who don’t dress up misses out on all the fun and they also don’t get to go on the story lines in the Cesar Chavez Oracle. The Oracle is the place were the writers and editors post story for people to read. Everyone can read it so have fun and share the stories if you want.