Eating at The Habit

New place. New food. New taste.

The Habit! A fun, new, interesting and delicious hamburger place to eat at.  Every meat lover will love this place to eat at.  With having many different choices of burgers to choose from. You can choose from a regular charburger to a grilled chicken sandwhich, which includes a side of fries with your choice of drink. Most customers there enjoy there food with a nice cold soda, although others like to eat their meal with a milkshake or a glass of water. 

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Brent Reichard work for the habit when he was 16 and then he asked his mother for money and brought the place.  Four years later he and his brother Bruce Reichard rebuilt the hamburger from top to bottom.  They created the burger that was call charburger.  That burger got everyone going to The Habit.

The Habit also has this secret menu that not a lot people know about. There is the  “Santa Barbara Style” Double Char Cheese burger” that has two beef patties, grilled onions, chopped avocado, tomato, mayo and lettuce on grilled sourdough. There also the “Half and Half” where you can get half French fries and half onion rings.

What seem to be everyone’s top choices and favorites are the original charburger #1 and the charburger #2.

Charburger is the original burger that they have and it surely is delicious.  With the fresh, well cooked, juicy meat right in the middle.  And they piled it with fresh lettuce, pickles, onions, mayo, ketchup, cheese, tomatoes, and then they top it off with toasty fresh buns.

‘The Charburger is a pretty delicious burger. It was juicy, charred and better tasting then most burgers you can get at any other fast food restaurant.””

— Catalina Cortez

The Tri-Tip sandwich on the other hand is like nothing like a burger, because it is made of steak and is a different type of taste.  Then of course you have to a side and drink with.  You can choose their crispy, delicious onion rings to their well cook French fries, or you can even ask from the secret menu the “Half and Half”.  Where a meal with out a drink? You can choose from their refreshing Fountain Drinks to there smooth creamy Milkshakes.

The place it self gives you the cozy and beachy feeling. The workers there are always smiling and in a great mood they surely have great customer service. The one here in Stockton surely is a nice, clean, and friendly restaurant. They are also fast with the cooking but making sure they keep their logo, “There’s No Substitute For Quality“.

Ever craving for a fresh, juicy, good quality burger?  Go to The Habit Burger Grill, their Charburger will surly take that craving away in just minutes.