Eat at Mcdonald’s!

McDonald’s Resturant serves food to everyone.

McDonald’s food is life.”

— Molica Ly

One of the very known and popular places to eat is Mcdonald’s. It is located almost everywhere in the world. The servings of delicious food that the customers love and rated as one of the highest places to eat. From hamburgers to salads, the only hard part is deciding what to order. Since 1955 McDonald’s has been serving their food to their customers. Also the first McDonald drive through was made in 1975 to serve food to soldiers who couldn’t get out of the car because they were too tired.

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Today McDonald’s restaurants has covered 118 countries with more than 34,000 restaurants, feeding nearly 69 million people everyday!

This restaurant is loved by many people because of the variety of things McDonald’s serve. There are hamburgers that are very popular like the McChicken and Big Mac. Drinks are also provided like sweet tea, sodas, and coffee that goes especially well with the food.

Dollar menus are much loved by so many people around the world since its really cheap and anyone can afford it. The dollar menu can feed a lot of people, it can even be affordable to the poor. Even though it is only a dollar the food is still good.

McDonald’s serves affordable, yet tasty foods to so many people. Some don’t even eat anywhere else because of how great it is. McDonald’s has seats to let the customers sit and chow down their food. The amount of customers McDonald’s are just phenomenal.

If you ever need an affordable place to eat, go to McDonald’s because it provides yummy foods to fill your tummy at such a low price, leaving you satisfied. “McDonald’s is good and cheap,” said Kasandra Turaos.