Jordan Burroughs Olympic Defeat


Michael Rodriguez, Reporter

Wrestling Olympic champion Jordan Burroughs is a well known wrestler with  a record of 132-2. He entered the Olympics with 130-2 record in international competition. Jordan an icon and inspiration to wrestling came back to leave a mark on Olympic wrestling for both folkstyle and freestyle wrestling. Jordan was defeated in the quarter final round by his Russian rival, Aniuar Geduev. Geduev is the second ranked wrestler in the 75 Kg weight class and defeated Jordan by one point.

After the defeat Jordan still had a chance to win the bronze medal and an opportunity to come back. He entered the constellation round ready and confident forgetting his loss against Aniuar. He had goals he wanted to reach, records he wanted to break, and people he wanted to make proud. However, Jordan lost in the constellation round against Uzbekistan’s Bekzod Abdurakhmonov (11-1). Jordan’s dreams and goals were shattered. He has been the face of USA wrestling for years and he feels  like he let down his country, coach, and his family  “I feel like I let my family down” Burrough said.

Jordan walked off the mat broken as he pulled his singlet down to his hips and apologized to the media saying “I’m sorry, guys.” Jordan sacrificed time with his family and friends for this sport “I missed my son’s first footstep.” He even left his wife in Nebraska for long periods of time for training camps and tournaments out of state. Jordan Burroughs 4 year journey is only the beginning, all the running, sweating, and training paid off but not enough he said “this defeat will make him stronger” and as the interview was coming to and end jordan lowered his right arm which had a tattoo that read “believe.”