Darrin Gentry ” The Competitor”

Darrin Gentry Varsity basketball player here at CCHS , always works hard and tries his best in this sport. Gentry’s  a major help to his teammates ,Gentry sets his team at an advantage; over other teams. His skill allows him to do amazing things, his foot work is just splendid. He stuns the crowed with his shooting skills, continuously wowing our school. Gentry has many fans who support him, he is number two , so you may see many people supporting this player by , wearing his number.

They wear it on T-Shirts, other clothing items, and their faces. Everyone including his coaches look forward to seeing him on the court. Gentry’s favorite thing about being on the team is sharing the court with his friends. He refers to them as his brothers. There are some other interesting facts about Darrin that you may not know of that is, his favorite NBA team in which is the Phoenix Suns and his favorite WMBA team is the Los Angeles Sparks. His favorite Basketball player for the NBA is Steve Nash an awesome player to like. His favorite coach is none other than coach K-Duke. As a point gaurd Gentry has to study alot about the game to gain skill knowledge. ” Hard work beats talent, when talent doesnt work hard” is a quote Gentry gave to boost up his teammates. there is none other than Darrin Gentry he is great and will be very successful.