The First Amendment Also Has Many Effects To It

Brenda Beltran, The First Amedment

The First Amendment gives people the ability to have freedom of speech. Sometimes the First Amendment may not help, to win a court case.

According to the case Bethel School District v Fraser 1986, Mathew Fraser won his case at the first try but lost at the second try. He was sent to court because Fraser made a speech in his assembly, nominating his friend for office. The adults thought that his speech was a sexually innuendos.

The principal suspended him from school for two days. That he was prohibited to speak in his graduation ceremony. By the approval of his parents and the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, Fraser filed a law lawsuit against the school. He claimed that the school violated his First Amendment of the right to free speech.  He won that case because of the favor of the U.S. District Court. Then the school asked the U.S. Supreme Court to consider the case and the school won that case because the speech wasn’t a violation of the First Amendment.

“Substantially interferes with educational process….including the use of obscene, profane language or gestures” Bethel High School said.

To the article of N.M high school teacher resigns after student’s story about Jesus giving out marijuana stirs controversy by Anna Schiffbauer. A English teacher in New Mexico at Cleveland High School in Rio Rancho. Katrina Guarascio, resigned because she didn’t agree with the administrators, to develop stricter plans and discipline for her classes.

Guarascio assigned her students to rewrite a fairy tale or legend to fit modern times. One of her students altered the biblical story of Jesus Christ giving bread and fish to the poor; instead, Jesus gave marijuana to the sick people. The student had to read it in front of her classmates and one of her classmates got offended and told her parents about it. The girls parent went to tell the principal of the school and they gave Guarascro a choice, to create stricter plans for her class or resign from the school. Now, Guarascio started a poetry group at the high school and is a managing editor and publisher of Swimming with Elephants Publication.

“I built a community of writers,” Guarascio said. “I hope because of this situation everything I’ve worked for doesn’t just disappear.”

On the Live Free, the video of Freedom, was arguing that people take advantage of the freedom of speech. Alex Capogna, was saying that some people just take it for granted. That they don’t really care about it, it’s the whole opposite. He also argues that the people that are not a citizen respect it more than the people who actually lives in the U.S.

“People still don’t understand how it works, they don’t need to take freedom from granted.”‘