Journalist Are Not To Fabricate

Alex Lopez, reporter

A lot of journalists are public figures to our news readers. Journalists are way to fabricated these days. Our readers are  influenced by what the journalists are writing these days.

Stephen Glass was a fabricated journalist that made up lie after lie to cover up more lies. He made up 27 out of 41 stories he wrote including “Hack Heaven,” which was his breaking point. He lied about “Hack Heaven and got caught doing it. He lied to his editor, peers and also his friends. Glass was so caught up in living the dreams of a great journalist that he couldn’t stop the lies that he made up. Glass let the fame of the lies that gave him glory get to him. He just couldn’t stop the power of the lies he told.

Janet Cooke was another fabricated journalist. She wrote a story about a little boy named Jimmy. In the article she said that jimmy was forced to do heroin by his mom’s boyfriend Ron. In Cooke’s article she said that Jimmy grew up around drugs all his life. The article says that “Ron came into the room with a syringe and called Jimmy over and grabbed his left arm just above the elbow and pushed the needle into the boys soft skin like a straw being pushed into the center of a freshly baked cake.”

Her story was really believable because in Washington drug abuse was high at the time. Also, the rate of drug abuse in general is high.

Cooke went on to win a prize for the article she wrote about Jimmy. Cooke ended up getting caught because people started demanding that she reveal where Jimmy lived so that they can go help him and the government started a search for the child so they can put protectional laws/services on Jimmy.

Jack Kelly was another fabricated journalist who lied about speeches that he gave to the newspaper. Kelly resigned at the age of 43. Soon later he quit and a new question was raised. They think that Kelly plagiarized. They reviewed more than 720 articles Kelly wrote. They suspect that 100 of 720 under evidence of being fabricated.

journalist can’t be fabricated because some people really look up at to journalists and what they write.