All Journalist Must be Ethical

Rayniko Flores, reporter

There are a lot of different ways to get your work noticed but fabricating is not a smart way. Journalist must be ethical.

 Stephen Glass made up lie after lie. He also made fabricated stories and published them. It was not only one article or two articles, it was multiple articles that were published.

He was caught because the Forbes Digital Tool wanted to do a follow up story but none of the facts added up.

Janet Cooke wrote a fictional article that was about a boy named Jimmy. In Cooke’s article Jimmy was raised and grew up around drugs such as heroin.

Cooke was caught because people started demanding that she revealed where Jimmy lived so they can help him and get him clean. Cooke is now working as a clerk at a clothing store in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The former Julie Amparn Arizona Republic writter was fired in 1999 after bosses acussed her of inventing people to quote in her colums. Maybe someday Amparana will  turn her embarrassment into something good. Amparna still fights to hold her journalism career together.

People depend on journalist to tell them what is going on with the government. Having information like that can give them power. Journalist should stick to their ethics and not abuse the power.