The First Amendment

rayniko flores, reporter

Students have First Amendment Rights.

Many schools fail to give First Amendment Rights West Virginia State Board vs Barnette,1943.The schools were requiring the students to salute the flag.The teacher had to salute to the flag is was not only the students that had to it.

A group of Jehovah’s witness family refused to salute to flag. Saluting to the flag was against their religion.

If the students did not salute to the flag they got suspended. They were illegally absent until they are allowed back into the school.They went to supreme court ruled 6/3 that the school was violating the First Amendment Rights.

“Justice will be done” – George W. Bush

“Justice has been done” – Barack Obama

On “Live free” there were many incidents of First Amendment Rights. Many citizens gave the Ku Klux Klan their right to speak how they felt.

It’s important because it allows citizens to speak and express their views without concern of Retribution.