Yoda is a new member of the SUSD

Jonathan Ramirez Sierra, Reporter

Yoda is a new member of the SUSD. Yoda has a really big responsibility. Yoda has to keep staff and students safe from any kind of danger.

Yoda the SUSD dog is trained to find firearms or anything that contains gun powder. He was very professionally trained to find any illegal substances.

Officer Curtis Jue mentioned that Yoda is like family to him. He lives with him and his family and is his police partner. He talks to him everyday and interacts with Yoda.

He was trained to find cocaine, pills, meth and heroine. Yoda is able to smell through almost anything. His nose breaks down all the particles.

He knows when he is on duty because officer Curtis Jue puts on his working collar and he automatically knows that he has to try and find something.

He is a Jack Russel terrier, about 3-4 years old. He is really small but it helps when he is working and trying to find weapons or drugs because he can fit in almost anywhere. He is also less intimidating and easier to control.

Officer Curtis Jue is really happy that the SUSD gave him a dog as a partner and now they can work together to keep people safe and give back to the people like Officer Jue said.