The dog story

Rayniko Flores, Reporter

Stockton unified school district has created a K-9 program with a contraband dog.The police department and yoda will help to keep our school safe.

Yoda is good for sniffing out drugs.Yoda is trained to find all tyoes of drugs.He can smell through bottles,books,clothes,boxes and alot more things.

Officer Jue said that Yoda has never found drugs in a school yet. Yoda has found everything Officer Jue has told him to find in the trainings that Yoda does.

Yoda has a nose that is one million times stronger than humans. He has a smell for everything. That makes him able to find drugs that are hidden in cars and houses.

Yoda is trained to find methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and firearms.

Yoda came from a shelter. They saved him from being killed. The shelters don’t hold the dogs for a long time ,they have a due date for every dog

They are mean to dogs.