Over, Under or On The Counter, is the Question Everyone is Talking About.

I have surveyed a total of 25 Cesar Chavez students this past week, 4/4/16 – 4/8/16, asking them how they orientate their toilet paper. Do they put it over, under or even on the counter? I got most of my data from three rooms, E101, G102 and D201.

The most outstanding information I gathered though this survey is that all 25 students use toilet paper! I know it seems a bit dimwitted thinking that someone might not use toilet paper, but not everyone uses it. Some people might use baby wipes, or, might seem facetious, even leaves.

For the 25 people I did survey, they said yes, with some hesitation. Probably thinking I’m crazy for asking such an absurd question. And out of those students 48% of them said they put the toilet paper over.

Who the heck puts it under?”

— Genesie Quiliza-Castellano

Well Genesie, according to the survey 32% of students do. And in the beginning it seemed like under was going to win the most votes, because it was in the lead for the first 12 votes.emoreno_pie chart

Slowly more and more people started to vote for over, very little for ‘on the counter’ (only 20%),  and had the comeback story to the the gold.

Hopefully you, the reader, will now be better informed on this serious subject matter and now know that if you your toilet paper is under or on the counter, you are in the minority.

How is your toilet paper placed?

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