Soda is a popular drink that is drank by all ages. It is commonly drank by kids. So I had a survey on if students from Cesar Chavez students drank soda or not. If so, what was their favorite soda.

Out of the 50 students asked, 43 students said yes, and 7 students said no.

When asking these students, the control question was “do you drink soda?” Most students said they do drink soda. Another question that was asked was if they liked dark or light soda. This was the multiple choice question for our fellow classmates to choose.

And then they were asked The top three sodas students chose was, Sprite, Coke, and Dr.Pepper. There was other choices too. Many students had different tastes in sodas.

Soda is something you can enjoy anytime with anything.”

— Diana Garcia

To end this survey, who drinks soda and who doesn’t and to see what they drink.