Why no hats at Cesar Chavez High school?

Adam Castellanos

At my high school the principal won’t let students wear hats or beanies. The principal thinks we are hiding our identity. I think it’s nonsense because everyone should wear anything they want. I wear beanies to school and the C.S.M. took three of my beanies. Everyone should be able to wear beanies and hats.

People wear hats and beanies because it’s cold and it goes with their outfit. I wear beanies because I walk every morning to school and it’s freezing cold at school. I’m not trying to get sick, I’m just trying to stay warm. I like wearing beanies because it also goes with my outfit.

If you get caught wearing a beanie or hat they take it and you got to get it after school. I got three beanies I still need to get at F building for keeping my head warm. I think it’s fair if we can wear hats or beanies but we have to wear our IDs so were not “hiding our identity”.

I hope we can wear our beanies but with our IDs because it’s childish to take something that’s not yours. I hope many people will read this so they can agree with me.

should hats be allowed at school?

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