The Overall School Policy

    Studies shows that the overall policy needs to be re-written. Some students don’t agree with the school policy. For example being banned for wearing certain colors or certain things, locking the bathrooms at a certain time, lastly not letting seniors leave of campus for lunch.

     One constitutional controversy raging in public schools today concerns mandatory school uniforms and dress codes. Proponents contend such measures instill discipline and prevent gang-related violence. They say uniforms and some dress codes lessen peer pressure aggravated by socioeconomic divisions, promote a unity of spirit and help administrators more quickly identify trespassers on school grounds. Some school administrators say that such restrictions help prepare students to “dress for success” in the job market. Opponents counter that such measures suppress student individuality and personal freedom. They argue that students could become alienated if school officials close off one of their few avenues of self-identification and expression. They also question whether restrictive dress codes really make schools safer. Many parents argue that these restrictive policies also infringe on the parents’ freedom in rearing their children. However students don’t understand why the school pushes these rules. And they do it to protect us and we just gone have to live by the rules.

Have you ever had to go to the bathroom while sitting in class and the teacher wouldn’t let you go? Using the bathroom is something that we all gotta do. In fact, it is a basic human need like eating, breathing and sleeping that keeps us alive and healthy. Yet, how many times in school have you been forced to “hold it”? It is very common for kids in school to be denied the right to use the bathroom. Some teachers restrict bathroom use to a certain time of day or between classes. The problem is, what if your body decides that it needs to go at other times? Some teachers believe that kids should have to “hold it”, even if that means suffering, squirming and not being able to pay attention to school work!

A lot of students don’t like school lunches. Not because the ladies that make the lunches aren’t good cooks, but because of all of the limitations they have on what they can use to season the food, and what all they’re allowed to put in it. Due to this, many students prefer to bring their lunches from home or not even eat at all. I’m sure most of us have wanted to leave, on more than one occasion, to go to McDonald’s or Chick-fil-a for lunch. Other schools get to do it, so why don’t we?