Excluding Students From Yearbook By Cross-dressing

Brenda Beltran, Beltran

The last year of high school is the best year for every senior. Ready to take off and be young adults, making dreams come true. Making the last year fun, hanging out with friends, and those  other fun things. Every senior has the ability to take their portrait pictures and put them in the yearbook. Every high school has different dress codes, on what your not suppose to wear. But also having female girls wear a dress and the males wear suits. But recently a case was held by two young girls. The girls pictures were excluded from Lincoln High School yearbook. The two girls, Crystal Cumplido and Mari Champagne, who both were wearing a suit with a bow tie and not the dress. Their senior portraits were not on the yearbook. That became to be part of the California’s Gender Nondiscrimination Act thatt clarifies existing non-discrimination law to include prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity and expression.

Know that their are separate dress codes for men and women. And are allowed to wear what corresponds to the persons gender identity. In fact, students can wear any type of thing if they want. If a male student wants to wear a dress or a female student wants to wear a suit. That shouldn’t matter at all, every person has the right to wear whatever they want. They’re shouldn’t be no discrimination upon anybody by the why they want to dress. People should dress with what they feel more comfortable with, not with something you will feel uncomfortable and be upset throughout the day. Its like taking away people rights to do whatever they please by just being discriminating by their gender identity.

Some people don’t see it that why. That discriminating another has become a huge think now. People may think that you have to wear a dress, only because your a girl. And men to wear suits, that how it suppose to be. People don’t realize that they may hurt other peoples feelings by the way they are acting towards them. Those two girls from the yearbook, shouldn’t have put out from the yearbook. Could of just been a mistake nor it wasn’t. Its the last year for those seniors, shouldn’t be right to have them wear whatever they want? Doesn’t matter if your a male or female, those people feel comfortable by the way they dress. We are nobody to judge people, if we also have some effects ourselves. And we are not willing to be treated like we are not even part of this world. People are happy by the way they look or dress. Shouldn’t bother anyone at all. By making the right thing instead, by putting those girls in the yearbook. Lincoln Unified District’s Superintendent have realized the mistake Lincoln has done and are willing to republish every yearbook with the two girls in them.

Those two girls were showing what their real identity was. By not being who other people wanted them to do. Its always good to do the right thing. Hopefully changes will be made, for the dress codes. That students should wear whatever they like but comfortable for them. Giving Lincoln High School a chance to realize that they did a wrong thing discriminating those two students.