Students Need Food in Their Stomach

Eryn McWhorter, Reporter

As Snickers company would say, you’re not you when you’re hungry! Students constantly complain about being hungry. We, the growing students, need to be eating throughout the day. The strict school rules prohibit us from eating. We should be able to eat during class.
Many kids don’t eat breakfast in the morning. Instead they get to school late and skip a meal. Therefore, they are starving and hungry until lunch. In class, the only thing they would think about is food so they don’t concentrate. Not eating will make students sleepy and tired. They would end up asleep instead of paying attention.
Some administration may say kids don’t know how to up after themselves. As a result of not cleaning, the school would end up with roaches, ants, and rats. However, a trash can at each table would be an easy solution for this problem. Also, teachers would say kids complain way too much.

I would definitely stop complaing in the morning if we had a break to eat every period!”

— Kayla Woodard

We propose a 10-15 minute break during class for students to eat. This allows the students to eat their snacks and throw away trash. It would reduce the amount of trash found in and around desks because it gives people time to finish and throw away trash. This break would keep students from complaining.
Teachers dislike hungry, complaining students, but a 10-15 minute snack time in class would reduce some complaints. The Stockton Unified School District should incorporate it in the school schedule for a month to give “snack time” a try.

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