Should be allowed to wear head coverings

Rayniko flores, reporter

if it does not bother anybody students should be able to wear head coverings ”

— garianna norwood

Students should be allowed to wear to wear head coverings. Some students feel uncomfortable with showing their head in public areas and sometimes it is really cold.

Schools always ask us to remove our head coverings, not realizing that in certain weather conditions head coverings are necessary. Head coverings such as beanies, hoodies, and hats are used by students to cover there head. We should be allowed these privileges as long as we do not break the rules.

First we should be allowed to wear head coverings because it can stop rain from getting students soaked in water. Next, because some students that may have had surgery on their head or may of had scares on their head do not feel comfortable showing the other students around school.

This can also have its negative side to it because students like to take advantage of it. Students will try and listen to music and hide it under their hoodie or beanie. Some students will try and be real sneaky and try to talk on the phone well they are in the class room.

If teachers allow students this privilege and students choose to abuse the privilege then the students will face the consequences. Such as not being allowed to wear there beanie, hat, or hoodie in the class room.

If staff really cared about us they would let us wear our hoodies and beanies inside and outside.