Beat the bell

Whats the point to having a tardy sweep?

The point of a tardy sweep is to get kids to get to class early, but it never seems to work most of the time. Kids are still being late, because they don’t care.  Those  who do care are the ones who are going to have a better education, because they come to school on time and are prepared to work. So why have a tardy sweep?

In my opinion I think they shouldn’t  have a tardy sweep, because it’s not doing anything. They still have about half the school being tardy. If they want kids to be on time they should just change the school time to 7:20-2:16. My little brother is in the seventh grade and he starts school at 8:05 and gets out of school at 2:05 and they barely have kids being late.

So why not change the time schedule. I mean detention doesn’t seem to work so you might as well change the school start time.