FAIL period tardy sweeps

What is the reason for this First Period Tardy Sweeps? That seem like the CSM are having more fun that they ever had before.  Why do we have this in the first place. Even though I’ve never been late before maybe , its not fair to the people that are late first period. You can’t just give them detention for no reason if the have a reason why like the crazy morning traffic , how are we supposed to get passed that? what if we have family problems the CSM wouldn’t care cause they don’t have any respect for anyone’s family. Why do they give out detention cause were late there’s no reason for that if we’re later we’re later you can’t stop us. And if you didn’t know tardy sweeps aren’t just for first period no they have it for all of them! That’s not fair what if we had a class in F blinding and we had to go to M Building . That’s not our problem say any of the CSM , Well Your not the one carrying any books and we’re not the ones on the carts so that we could get to our classes faster. In my opinion “ALL” periods tardy sweeps don’t make any sense and is a waste of all our time. So please end the madness!