The ghastly screams of 8 Mile


CCHS Oracle Staff

The following is a true story told by Chavez student Steve Berry:

One day, around 5:45 AM, my mom woke me up suddenly asking if I heard a woman screaming for help or crying. I was puzzled because why would my mom ask me that? I genuinely thought nothing of it, so I instantly went back to sleep. The following morning I asked my sister about it and she told me that she could hear a woman crying and yelling for “Help!” and “Bloody murder!” My sister told me all she saw when she woke up in her bed was, ” a woman in a black dress walking up and down the street. I grabbed a hammer and went outside because I thought I was going to be attacked or something worse.” The weird thing is that my sister ended up calling the police and they said that they received similar reports in the same area. I lived just off of the 8-mile road by McNair High School.

This wasn’t the first time my sister had an experience like this. 6 or 7 years ago, we were at my mom’s boyfriend’s house watching a football game and around 11 pm my sister said she was going to the house to get something, but she was going to come back. She said she had turned down the street a quarter of the way when she saw a lady in a white dress standing in the middle of the road. She drove through it. She was so freaked out because she turned her head to see the backseat, she was in the car with her. She stopped the car and cried and called my mom to pick her up.

One thing to note, we’re Mexican. La Llorona is something we believe. If that is or what isn’t what my sister saw, 8 Mile Road is a haunting place of mystery. 


Editor’s Note: If you research 8-mile you will find 3 separate cases of female ghosts haunting East 8-mile.