CVGPC (CCHS Winter drumline and color guard)


Kyla Torio, Reporter

Cesar Chavez High School’s Winter drumline and color guard brought home two championship trophies from this year’s annual CVGPC (Central Valley Guard and Percussion Circuit) at Enochs High School, Modesto, CA on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 with their percussion scoring an 82.5 in Percussion Scholastic A and their Winter guard scoring an 80.35 in Scholastic Regional AA.

With drumline’s 35 members-under the leadership of seniors Larry Clark Jr., Abraham Garcia, and William Rice-performing “This Little Light of Mine” written and instructed by Chris McCoy, it was their highest scoring performance throughout their season.

“We lost a lot of sleep, but we pulled through and managed to place 1st. It’s definitely bittersweet since it’s the senior’s last show.”  said William Rice, senior at Cesar Chavez High School.

Winter guard-under the leadership of seniors Patrick Escalona, Brenda Lopez, Esmeralda Garcia-Aldana, and guard captain Alyssa Campas-performing “Letters from War,” instructed by Randell Lee, was a heart-wrenching show about an enlisted military soldier who writes touching letters back home to his loved ones. The guard performed at Enochs High beating 7 other competitors and bringing home a championship award. Later that evening, they competed at Lincoln High and were crowned the winner of of that circuit in their division beating 21 other competitors!

“It was the cherry on top of our season. We couldn’t have performed it any better than we did that day. This year, guard made history at Chavez.” said senior Brenda Lopez.