Living Dead


Deeanna E-15_Lifetouch

The Living Dead is when someone dies in a horrifying accident. It also shows you that drinking and driving is a one thing you shouldn’t do because it wouldn’t just affect one person, it would affect a lot of people such as  friends and family. The living dead  represents the stats of fatal accident involving drunk driving. It shows us that you are irresponsible if are willing to get in the car with an influence.


For example,  some  group of friends were hangout and wanted to get wasted, and decided to drink and drive they were going to go to a show that was down the street. There were another group of friends were going to hangout they were on there way to go bowling and got in a car crash with an under the influence drunk driver. Matthew and Yesenia died in the horrifying accident.   Even though you have a driving license and you were drinking doesn’t mean you should still drive. Elijah was the driver. He went to court and the judge told him, “You had a  choice and  they did not. You made that choice to drink and drive, they did not make that choice.” The judge also made him a choice. He’s going to impose two count of second degree murder to each carrying 15 years to life  consent  of 30 years to life in jail.


A girl  name Janeth has  died in a fatal accident, in a  worst way. I couldn’t believe the story, Janeth  was 17  years old, she was ready to graduate at Cesar Chavez High School. She only had two months to go. The story of Janeth’s death was that  she was  on her  way home for a surprised birthday party of hers. She was  going to turn 18. But she didn’t made it.  She was killed  in a car accident  by a drunk driver. It took place at March/West 99 speed way on March 3 and 4, 2016.

In this 15 minutes for the living dead I am going to interview Janeth Yanez. Janeth participated in the E 15 Program. I asked Janeth “How would you describe being in the 15 minutes?” Janeth’s respond was, “Over all, participating in the E 15 program as the living dead, was extremely emotional and a real eye-opener.” I also asked Janeth “Was this 15 minutes a great experience?”  She said, “Yes, I’m glad I could experience the 15 minutes. I’ve heard a lot of stories that I never knew.”  Janeth is also grateful to experience this E 15 program.

My response for all of this, is that I already know my responsibility when I drive. I would never go behind the wheel  if I was under the influence. If I was ever with my friends drinking, I wouldn’t get in the car. Instead I would be responsible and call my parents or my brothers. Personally,  I wouldn’t put my self in this type of situation because I know to not put myself in a dangerous position. I already know how to be responsible because  my parent told me from right to wrong. if it wasn’t for them I could be doing the wrong thing.