Every 15 minute: Assembly

Casket for the 15 minutes assembly.
Harpreet Choumwer
Casket for the 15 minutes assembly.

The Every 15 minute assembly was to show how a drunk driver can affect peoples lives each and everyday. The assembly showed a car crash with a drunk driver (Elijah Torres) and how him being under the influence caused a huge incident and killed people that were in other vehicles. Throughout the assembly we had multiple speakers like: a police officer, CHP,┬áDUI judge, prosecution lawyer, parents, and the “living dead.” They all had a speech or story to give us students to let us know that these kind of situations happen on a daily basis.

Being able to have been a part of something like that just made it feel so realistic. Seeing how students and parents were reacting makes you realize many things. The students who participated in this program get to see their families again, people who actually die due to these circumstances don’t. A lot of people don’t realize how dangerous it is to be driving under the influence. Many people think that those kind of things can’t happen to them but it can happen to anyone.

“It was really emotional for me,” said Janeth Yanez.(living dead). “Seeing everyone’s reaction was overwhelming.”

“I realized how serious this program was and how much it can impact someones life,” Janeth Yanez also said.

Every 15 minutes is a program every school should have. It shows awareness and precaution. It was a good learning experience for everyone.