Yoda from Star Wars Not

Servaughn Galloway, Reporter

Yoda the new Stockton Unified School District contraband canine will help our city more than we know.

Yoda is the  first of many contraband dogs.

Yoda not only belongs to officer Jue but is the first and only contraband dog that belongs to Stockton and SUSD. Last year Stockton spent $48,000 for a contraband k-9 alone. Yoda was adopted from a shelter with a high euthanasia rate.

According to officer Jue “Yoda’s age is not known” he is estimated to be about 3 or 4 years old. Yoda stays with Officer Jue meaning he lives with him.

Yoda was only $5,00 and is trained to find methamphetamine, gun powder , smokeless gun powder and much more. Yoda is a very small dog but has high energy and is very hard working. Jue said “Yoda has not found anything yet”.

Yoda being a  small dog has an advantage. he is able to climb into cars and get a hold to small cracks and trunks. Jue said he has passed all his training procedures. If this new k-9 does a good job he can  possibly save Stockton. This isn’t an over night project this will take time.

Yoda not from Star Wars is a great exception and idea for SUSD