The Steps for Club Activation!

Steps For Club Registrations!

Have you ever wanted to make your own club? Well these are the steps for making your new club.

Step 1: you need to get approved from Mr.Mata or Mr. Areida.

Step 2: You need an advisor.

Step 3: You need a club registration.

Step 4: Get enough members to support your club.

Step 5: You need a constitution for your club.

The last and final step is to get approved or not.

What kind will make people interested in joining your club?

The senior I interviewed was the president of the League of Legends Club. His name is Albert Wong. Albert says, “It was easy to start the club, when they found an advisor that played the same game.” Albert says the club is very entertaining when he plays the game with others because he can interact with others that play. Albert says, “When I graduate I’ll pass down the president role to a certain person.”

I also interviewed a fellow senior. His name is Lo Saephan. Lo said, “A club that has parties, money, give away’s, and traveling to compete against other schools is a club I’ll join.” Lo is the Vice President of  League of Legends Club. The League of Legend Club is the new club that started around July with 32 people.

This club begins at 2:30 and doesn’t have a regular end time. The regular club days are Fridays. This club started around July, and automatically began with 32 people.