Preparing for the Homecoming Half-Time Show

Student musicians work to perfect their craft for the big night

I feel like it’s Marching Band’s chance to firmly grasp the audience and show them what we’re made of.”

— Matt Kulm, Senior

Preparing for the Homecoming Half-time Show requires extensive practice. Have you wondered how students and teachers prepare themselves for half-time shows? Well, we got the scoop and details on how students and teachers prepare for the half-time shows.


Mr. Coleman, Director of Bands

“My educational goal for Marching Band has been met. I wanted all the students to learn collectively in a way that they can handle the hard work, yet play with precision and perfection all while having fun.”

Like any other activity that requires one to be perfect, Marching Band practices a ton! Marching Band students practice in large groups, small groups, individually, and at home. Mr. Coleman, along with new staff member, Mr. Turner, both teach the marching style and the music. Marching is taught until perfected. Music is played until it sounds beautiful. In the end, the teachers and the students combine the two together, which creates their name, a “Marching Band.”

The songs that are being performed by Marching Band are “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” arranged by Jay Bocook, “Americano,” and “Holiday,” arranged by Tom Wallace.


We interviewed Matt Kulm, Senior, who’s been part of Marching Band’s Drumline and Winterguard and we found out how he feels about performing at the half-time show.

“I feel like it’s Marching Band’s chance to firmly grasp the audience and show them what we’re made of.”

Not only does Matt Kulm feel it’s Marching Band’s chance to show the school what they’re made of, but it’s also Marching Band’s opportunity to be recognized and known.

Just like any band member, Matt spends a lot of his time practicing for the show. A little something he does is try to get to know all of his band members. There’s over a hundred, so you can only imagine how difficult it is to know them all. He just hopes that his personality will reflect off of his fellow band members so that in the end, the band performs perfectly as one.


We also interviewed Desiree Chicago, Senior, who will be performing for not only dance, but also cheering for the varsity football team.

Before each show, Desiree Chicago and her cheerleading team pray in hopes that they perform fantastically.

“I feel nervous, yet the excitement overuns it. Performing to live music is always better than performing to track music.”

Dance and guard will be performing along with Marching Band. Be prepared for their suprised dance that they have for us.

Cristen Spencer, Senior, a soprano, has been part of Show Choir for most of her high school career.

“I feel it’s going to be really fun, and I love performing. It just feels like another performance we have do to.”

Before every performance, Cristen Spencer practices a lot and pumps up her energy.

Show Choir will be performing the “National Anthem,” at half-time.


As you can see, preparing for the half-time shows require a lot of work and practice. These students and teachers put determination and passion into their work to be perfect. They want to leave an impression on the audience, making them replay the performance over and over again even after the night has ended.