A Romantic Night in Rome


Denise Rua, Reporter

Prom, one of the seminal events of a teens high school career has come and gone successfully. Prom is the last big moment to share with classmates before graduation. The dress, the tux, the hair, the limo, the friends, the date, the photos, the party, and of course the after-party. It is a day in our lives that we will never forget.

Prom this year, was held at the Hutchins Street Square in Lodi, California. The dance started at 7 pm and ended at 11 pm Saturday, May 19. This year’s prom theme was Romance in Rome and was presented and decorated by the Junior class.

It was a night to remember for Cesar Chavez High School students as they celebrated their second to last memorable event together. Prom-goers arrived dressed to impress as they socialized, posed for photos, and danced the night away. Most couples met with their friends at classier restaurants around the valley before making their way to prom. 

Here are some of the things the students were saying about prom:

“What I liked most about prom were the good vibes. I liked that I got to dance all night with a bunch of my girlfriends and I had a really good time with my boyfriend. What I would have changed was the music, because I feel like there wasn’t a lot of Mexican music.” -Diana Garcia

“The decorations on the table were really cute and classy, I wanted to steal one” -Karenn Castillo

“What I liked most about prom was, there was no drama, all the social groups weren’t separated, everybody was just having fun with each other so it was pretty cool, like I saw people I didn’t like and I was dancing next to them.” -Amari Mckinney

“My favorite part of prom was when Steph gave her crown to Bailey for prom king.” -Imani Boatwright

“What I liked most about prom, when Coach Chicago came and got me off the dance floor because I was throwing it back too hard.” -Elizabeth Sanchez

” What Stephanie did for Bailey, I thought it was really nice how she gave it to him and because I wouldn’t have done the same thing but it was really nice of her.” -Omar Salcedo

“What I liked most about prom was turning 18!” -Matthew Hewlett