10 Things About Me.

Richard Washington, Reporter


Hello, my name is Richard Washington, new student to Journalism Period 4 and this is my Slideshow.

I was born March 11, 1998 in Inglewood, CA in the Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital.

As I grew up, I still see my Mom as my favorite super-hero to this day. My Dad wasn’t entirely in my life because he stayed in South Central when my Mom decided to move to Inglewood. In Los Angeles County, you can always find something to do. In Downtown LA, we know the Lakers are playing from the light beams from the Staple Center that you can see from Inglewood and Long Beach. I have a selection of favorite basketball players, such as Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, Chris Paul and Paul Pierce. I respect Paul Pierce because he came back to Inglewood to give back to the community for kids that love basketball. My favorite color is Burgundy because it represents strong fortune of power. My favorite TV shows are The Boondocks and Wild n’ Out. My favorite college hope to go to is USC. Also, my favorite sport is basketball, but I’m an all-around athlete that can play any sport and have fun with. Finally, I would say my favorite person in the world is me.