Coolest summer ever

My summer was awesome. I went to UC Davis for a football camp for a week. I love it over there. It’s a great college and I wish I could go there for college. The football camp was awesome because they provided food and a room to sleep. They gave us these really soft and snug blankets. The food was really good also. They had hamburgers, pizza, chicken, french fries and a lot more. There was also a Starbucks on campus and just saying I hit that place up every day until I left UC Davis. I liked the practices also because they were always fun but the bad thing was that they were two a days and each practice was three hours each. The best part was that it was a church football camp called FCA. They had a bunch of Christian football players there that preached to us and it was just an amazing experience. Overall the camp was outstanding to be able to go there and meet other Christian athletes.