San Jose city is a good family weekend vacation spot.

San Jose city is a good family weekend vacation spot. Its mall shopping center has departments for all ages and sizes. Westfield Oakridge mall is a common mall many families shop at. The restaurants in San Jose are excellent to have a simple yet fancy dinner with your family. The Zeni Ethiopian restaurant is a four and a half star restaurant that my family enjoys eating at during the summers. They serve fresh platters like sambussa, shuro wat, and yameser. The weather in San Jose during the summer is great! Their common degrees per day is mid 70’s to early 80’s. It’s a perfect weather to go to the park and feed ducks. San Jose also has entertainment in their city such as live performances of people singing. My family goes and watches these live Vietnamese signing performances titled as Paris by Night. As you can tell, San Jose seems like a great family vacation spot. You can go to the great mall, nice fancy restaurants, and watch live Vietnamese performances. I’d call it a great family vacation day.