What is the “The Boys (TV series)” and is it Worth Watching


Kevin Suarez-Torres

The Boys is a mature show based on the comic series titled the same which takes place in a world about Super Heroes, with its first episode releasing on July 26, 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. This story is a satire of the Super Hero genre. Like in any Super Hero show or Movie there’s a super hero group called the “The Seven” who are the United States most powerful heroes owned and managed by Vought. The main protagonist of the story is Hughie whose life changed when an incident happened to he and his girlfriend involving “The Seven’s” fastest man alive A-Train.

Since that fateful day Hughie wanted to get revenge on all the supers in the world and because of that he has encountered a man by the name of Butcher, the leader of a group of misfits who are “The Boys” and who want to get rid of the power balance between normal people and Supers. In order to do that they need to take down Vought and “The Seven” which isn’t going to be easy with the strongest hero on there side Homelander which is a different take on DC comic’s Superman, with almost all of the same powers.

This show is a very interesting. It handles the serious and mature topics with a lot of satire of the superhero genre. This show may not be for all as it does contain nudity, violence, and gore; not to mention the mature language being used.

The Boys has some great scenes with great actors. One great scene performed by Antony Starr, who plays Homelander, was the crashing plane scene were he had to save a group of people from a hijacked plane before the military could act on it. During that scene he was calm and relaxed knowing that he had it under control, but once the he loss control of the plane he lost control of himself using his power recklessly to try and salvage that mission.

You can watch the first two seasons of The Boys on Amazon Prime Video. New episodes of Season two are currently being released on Fridays.