Dell’Osso Family Farms Halloween Fun

DellOsso Family Farms Halloween Fun

The time to experience Dell’Osso Family Farms Halloween extravaganza is almost over, ending on Halloween. Dell’Osso Farms is a pumpkin patch for families and their children, located in Lathrop. This family farm has been doing Halloween fun events for over two decades now and is open annually from Sep. 28 – Oct.31. They open everyday at 10:00 am and go until 8:00 pm. However, they keep some of the attractions open until 9:00 pm or later, depending on crowds. 

General admission prices into Dell’Osso Farms varies by day and age. A general admission wristband for Friday-Sunday is $19.95 per person. Monday-Thursday for a wristband is $14.95 per person. An early bird special entry is offered for people coming in before 2:00 pm, Monday-Friday is $12.95 per person.  If you plan on going multiple times throughout the Halloween season, then you may be interested in getting a season pass for $49.95 per person valid through 9/28- 10/31. 

Dell’Osso Farms has many activities to do for all ages for the general admission prices. Below is a list of all the attractions that are included in the general admission wrist band purchase.

Corn Maze, Haunted Castle, Dell’Osso Express Train, Hay Ride, Mystery Tour, Scarecrow Ride, Goat Walk, Duck Races, Tire Pyramid, Dell’Osso Speedway, Animal Zoo, Ball Shoot Arena, Tire Play Area, Lawn Games, *Walk the Plank, Super Slide, Kiddie Play Land, Kiddie Ferris Wheel, Spinning Pumpkins, Pillow Jumping, Children’s Interactive Pirate Show, Pig Races & Entertainment.

Dell’Osso Farms also offers other attractions for a a little extra cost on top of the general admission price. They also have a horse ride and zip lining as well as obstacle courses, which all cost to do each of the activities.

Here are the attractions that cost extra:

Gem Mining $6.00        Pumpkin Blasters $7.00        *Zip Lines $10.00/$15.00        Pony Rides $7.00        Pumpkin Painting $5.00

Dell’Osso Farms isn’t only fun activities, they also offer food. Don’t forget to try out the food court which offers a grill, taco shack, cafe, potato shack, and much more.